In honor of my favorite show (and television family…)

Season 2 of Fixer Upper starts TONIGHT at 9 pm EST on HGTV! If you are at all interested in renovation and decorating, it’s a must watch. The homes that Chip and Joanna Gaines redo in Waco, TX are transformed into the most beautiful, cozy and functional spaces. I am not at all ashamed of of the major lady crush I have on Joanna. Her taste is flawless. Not only do they provide a ton of inspiration for projects and decor, but they also have the sweetest family. My admiration is bordering on obsession. For example, when Joanna posted a picture of their farmhouse mailbox on Facebook and said they were for sale at their store, The Magnolia Market, I stalked the website repeatedly, just so I could order it and our home could have a little piece of the Gaines. Creepy, I know.


Don’t judge the riding boots that I left strewn on the porch before taking this picture.

I will eventually write up the painstaking but amazing process that we (mostly Mike) went through to give the front of our home a facelift by removing an old awning and building the beautiful portico we now have, but I think my Magnolia mailbox is a perfect finishing touch to the front of our home. If you’re tuning in tonight, let me know! I am always looking for more friends to talk Fixer Upper/obsess over Chip and JoJo with. And no, with my whopping 80-something blog views and zero followers, I am in no way incentivized to write about them, I’m just creepy.


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